Answered By: Jake Ruttle
Last Updated: Aug 08, 2014     Views: 43

As part of Lehigh's online security strategy, we employ a Domain Name Server (DNS) blacklist. This means that certain domains (a domain is the part of a URL that identifies which server your computer is communicating with, for example or are filtered out of our DNS, and therefore your computer will be unable to locate the corresponding server address.

Web sites become blacklisted when they are reported for distributing viruses, spyware, and other forms of malware (malware is any software whose purpose is to harm the user or their computer in any way). Lehigh uses an aggregate blacklist maintained at

If you believe the website you are attempting to view has been improperly blacklisted, you should contact them so they may appeal their status with To contact them, you will need to bypass the blacklist by changing your DNS settings to use and

Please note that by bypassing any Lehigh security measure, you are accepting the additional risk to your computer, and LTS may not be able to help you reverse any harm done as a result.